Rogue Islands


Rogue Islands is a fast-paced action shooter set in a procedural fantasy world. You control a nimble druid that can levitate and cast powerful magic spells. The action is fast and smooth, and the enemies are numerous and relentless.

Each island is a unique and complex 3D sculpture brimming with monsters, temples, forests, mountains, caves and bosses. Massive cliffs rise from the depths. Insane, twisted passages wind their way through valleys and under mountains. No two islands are ever the same as the game challenge evolves around your play style, offering a truly unique experience tailored to you!

The islands are infested with a demonic horde. Spine fish lurk in the watery depths, skeletons march across the hillsides, vile shaman screech and fly overhead, vicious hell-bats spit fireballs that erupt and ignite the canopy. Nowhere is safe, especially after dark when ghastly apparitions descend from the stars and inexorably hunt you down.

Gather resources as you enhance your spell book with a range of powerful spells that gives you the edge as you strive to survive. Use Spark Shot to mine blocks from the earth, or get up close and unleash a massive electric zap; instantly reducing small foes to a smoking heap. If things get out of control, summon a swarm of wasps to take the heat or protect yourself with a sentient bolt that defends you against sneak attacks.

Can you find your way through the archipelago of islands for the final showdown with the Lords Of Torment?

System Requirements

Operating System Windows 7
Processor Quad Core, i3 @ 2.0GHz or equivalent
Memory 4 GB RAM
Graphics Radeon 6000 series or GeForce 500 series
DirectX Version 11
Storage 400 MB available space
Operating System Windows 10
Processor  Quad Core, i5 @ 3.2GHz or equivalent
Memory 4 GB RAM
Graphics Radeon 7000 series or GeForce 600 series
DirectX Version 11
Storage 400 MB available space
Please Note Broadband connection and Steam account required for activation and online gameplay