Cab Controller



Drive your train with realistic throttle, brake, reverser, and switch controls, plus 34 programmable buttons. Rail Driver- Desktop Train Cab Controller - feels like you're driving a train, not a computer.

  • LED, Horn & Cab Buttons
    Includes a three-digit LED speedometer, horn and whistle lever, and eight programmable cab buttons

  • Throttle and Reverser
    The desktop train cab controller comes complete with a throttle and dynamic brake, and a reverser

  • Brake Systems
    Independent and automatic brakes and three-position rotary switches provide a realistic experience.

The Rail Driver- Desktop Train Cab Controller includes prototypical levers and controls for the ultimate interface to computer-based railroading. In addition, internal bass speakers supplement your existing sound system to add realistic vibration.

Zoom rocker switch, four-way pan and tilt pad, and twenty-eight programmable game function keys.